NWHU expands ChooseWise Inspection Disclosure System

Press Release

Colourful signs will be popping up at various businesses throughout the Rainy River District, as The Northwestern Health Unit has updated their ChooseWise disclosure system.
One new feature includes on-site disclosure inspection signs that will be going up at food premises, personal service settings, recreational camps, and recreational water facilities in the region. These new colour coded signs will display the results of the location’s most recent inspection. These signs are already in use in Thunder Bay and southern Ontario. Until now, NWHU provided health inspection results online at http://choosewise.nwhu.on.ca and through a Freedom of Information request. Now, local businesses and services must publicly display a colour-coded sign based on the results of their most recent inspection.
In the short term, each premises will have a temporary sign posted, which will be replaced after their first inspection of 2020.Signs will be provided to:
• Places that serve food, such as restaurants, daycares and mobile food vendors.
• Premises that provide personal services, such as nail treatments, waxing and tattoos.
• Recreational water facilities, such as splash pads, pools and public spas.
• Recreational camps that provide temporary occupancy for five or more people under the age of eighteen years or people with special needs.
This new system delivers clear and easy-to-understand information that helps consumers to make informed choices about their safety. In addition, the ChooseWise online disclosure will now display the results of all inspections after Jan. 1, 2020 for the following premises: Food Premises, Recreational Water Facilities, Personal Service Settings, Small Drinking Water Systems, Recreational Camps, Shelters, Boarding Homes, and Camps in Unorganized Territories.