New Emo Queen celebrates crowning moment

It was with a look of genuine shock that Kelly Nielson accepted her crown last Thursday night at the 2001 Emo Fair Queen Pageant.
“I never thought I’d be Fair Queen . . . I’m very surprised,” a flushed Nielson said, emerging from backstage at the Donald Young School auditorium minutes after the coronation.
Surrounded by a throng of family, friends, and admirers, Nielson, 16, said she couldn’t believe she had placed first in four of the contest’s seven categories, resulting in her victory over seven other contestants
“I’m just shocked . . . I knew it was going to be a tight competition. When they announced my name for all those categories, I was very shocked,” the Emo resident reflected.
Clad in a silvery, floor length gown very much befitting a queen, with the purple royal cloak draped over her shoulders, Nielson went outside to pose for photographs in the fading evening light.
Other winners included First Princess Diana Redford, who had the crowd in stitches with the hilarious comedy skit she performed for judges during the talent component of the competition. The talent show took place Thursday immediately before the crowning ceremony.
“It was really exciting to be on stage an hear everybody laughing through pretty much my entire skit,” Redford noted Sunday.
Redford was also named this year’s Miss Congeniality–the only category voted on by the contestants themselves. One extra vote for Redford broke what was nearly a three-way tie for the title.
The Second Princess tiara went to Nikki Baker, who, like Nielson, said she was surprised by the honour.
“I didn’t think I’d win anything,” Baker insisted, adding the announcement left her momentarily confused. “I didn’t hear half the things that they said and I didn’t know what to do when they said it and I was just like ‘What do I do?’ and they said ‘Come stand over here’, and I was like ‘Okay’.”
Baker noted there was no apparent conflicts between this year’s contestants.
“We all liked each other a lot, that’s why it was so hard to pick Miss Congeniality,” she said.
Thursday’s talent show featured an eclectic mix of performances by the other contestants including singing, dance numbers, and poetry readings.
But comedy reigned supreme with this year’s judges–all three winners presented skits intent on making the audience laugh. Nielson’s own performance was a colourful impersonation of Elly May Clampett from TV’s “The Beverly Hillbillies.”
Redford said she chose to do comedy because it’s what best showcases her personality.
“I just wanted to do something funny because that’s more me than a poem or something,” she said, adding that she also believes the judges may have had their fill of poetry readings over the years.
The evening’s final performance featured the eight contestants attempting to rip the crowns from the clutches of last year’s queen Tara Lloyd and her princesses Amanda Vennechenko and Erin Anderson.
But Lloyd was more than gracious when it came to really passing on the crown, offering her successor a congratulatory hug after handing over the headpiece.
Fair Queen responsibilities for Nielson will include attending a number of community events, and taking part in various parades throughout the year.
Category Winners
Dorothy Bonot Award: Kelly Nielson
Ms. Congeniality: Diana Redford
Banners: 1st-Amber Sheloff and Diana Redford, 2nd-Kelly Nielson, 3rd-Ashlie Burnell
Interviews: 1st-Kelly Nielson, 2nd-Nikki Baker, 3rd-Ashlie Burnell
Fashion: 1st-Kelly Nielson, 2nd-Diana Redford, 3rd-Nikki Baker
Floats: 1st-Christina McCoy, 2nd-Kelly Nielson, 3rd-Diana Redford and Amber Sheloff
Entertainment: 1st-Kelly Nielson, 2nd-Diana Redford, 3rd-Nikki Baker