Musical duo entertains at fair

The small stage on the fairgrounds saw several local talents singing on it, as well as a guest comedian fiddler “The Old Guy” Arnie Strynadka and “The Kid” Candace Strynadka with their brnd of old-time country music.
Candace handled the electric guitar while Arnie had his reliable violin. When looking at the fiddle, our impression was not that great–it did not look like a violin at all. Actually, it was a bathroom plunger with the strings attached, and he it played with a clothes hangar or even a walking cane.
The main thing was it sounded terrific–give Arnie the credit, he made it work.
The performance was a crowd-pleaser and accepted with laughter. It shows you–you can create things that will work just as good as a thousand dollar instrument.
The country music couple come from Enoch, Alberta, just out of Edmonton, and do considerable travelling.
Unfortunately, I could not catch up with the chairperson handling the local talent performance, so results were not available.