Mine Centre outpost lands provincial funds


A Mine Centre outpost camp will be receiving a little over $55,000 from the provincial government to build a new outpost cabin and install solar panels to save on energy costs.

On Monday, local MPP and chair of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) Greg Rickford visited the district to announce that Hyatt’s Manion Lake Camp in Mine Centre would be the recipient of NOHFC funding.

“This is a business that’s on the move and needed to expand,” Rickford said.

“We think that solar panel infrastructure in micro-applications like this is perfect for them and we’re very pleased,” he added.

Rickford said particularly in Northwestern Ontario it is important to support these types of businesses as outpost camps have endured tough times over the past few years financially.

“We’re starting to see them rebound and we’re thrilled to be able to support them,” he enthused.

Rickford noted that Hyatt’s Manion Lake Camp had some aging infrastructur–and in some cases, “brittle energy infrastructure”–which will be enhanced through the NOHFC investment.

“They’re fairly remote as the Fort Frances-Rainy River District goes, and they demonstrated a strong business case for the government to support their operations,” he said.

“It’s a stringent test, but we want to be able to make sure we can support them if they can demonstrate their business is on the move and that’s what Hyatt’s was able to do.”

The outpost is located about 110 kilometres northeast of Fort Frances and is the only resort on Manion Lake.