Lightning sparks fires

From the MNRF

On the hunt for new lightning-caused fires, OMNR detection aircraft had spotted five new blazes in the Northwest Region by late yesterday afternoon.
Forest fuels have proven receptive to at least a few of the roughly 44,000 lightning strikes to occur in the region over the past five days.
Sioux Lookout Fire #28 was spotted about 80 km southwest of Pickle Lake.
At 0.1 hectares in size, this lightning-caused fire was listed as “being held” at last report.
Sioux Lookout Fire #29 was spotted some 60 km to the southeast of Pickle Lake.
The 0.1-hectare blaze was listed as “under observation.”
Thunder Bay Fire #24, meanwhile, was spotted by detection planes in the northwest corner of Wabakimi Provincial Park.
The 0.1-hectare fire was listed as “not under control” at last report.
Also within Wabakimi Provincial Park, Thunder Bay Fire #25 was “not under control” at 0.2 hectares.
And Red Lake Fire #50 was spotted near the boundary of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, about 40 km west/northwest of the town of Red Lake.
The 0.1-hectare blaze also was listed as “not under control” at last report.
Discovered during the evening hours of Sunday, Sioux Lookout Fire #27 has burned roughly 1,900 hectares in a remote area about 40 km south of Wunnummin Lake.
The fire is listed as “under observation.”
There currently are 23 active fires in the region, 18 of which are listed either as “under control,” “under observation,” or “being held.”
A “low” forest fire hazard prevails in the Kenora District while the Fort Frances, Dryden, Thunder Bay, and north shore areas currently are showing a “moderate” to “high” hazard.
The hazard currently is “high” to “extreme” in areas of the far north, as well as the Red Lake and Sioux Lookout districts.
To see a complete list of fires across the province, click on our interactive map.
You also can get the latest update on the condition of any fire by clicking the fire icon.
To report a forest fire, call 310-FIRE (3473).