Hungry Harry hits Rainy River

By Jack Elliott
Rainy River Correspondent

This past week Hungry Harry welcomed hordes of the hungry in Rainy River. As Covid-19 restrictions have curtailed availability of dining establishments many were eager to partake of a local fast food service. Seems their prayers were answered as dozen lined up for the opening of Hungry Harry.

The mobile food truck opened its counter on the site of the former CN Hotel that was destroyed by fire several years ago. Nicole Therrien, proprietor and recently retired nurse practitioner set up the operation and with the help of her partner, Rick Seidel, and family helpers is offering some mouth watering fare.

A selection of burgers made from fresh, not frozen beef, smokies and hot dogs are the main fare off the grill. But the primo treats are fresh cut fries, hot and crispy right out of the deep-fryer. And the poutine servings, simply amazing

“We went through nearly 500 lbs of russet potatoes in our first four days,” says Rick as he flexed his arm, still a bit stiff from running the potato chipper.

“We were swamped. It was a very gratifying experience,” he added commenting on their opening weekend. He apologized for a few challenges they had to iron out of the operation dealing with the unexpected crush of hungry patrons.

Hungry Harry will be open, at least initially, from 11 am to 7 pm, four days a week, Thursday thru Sunday. Located on #11 Hwy, Atwood Avenue, across from the Rainy River, Town Hall. A welcome addition in the Westend of the District.

It was just a blur of frantic activity as Nicole Therrien, proprietor of Hungry Harry, on their opening day, dished up a serving of poutine, a concoction of hot, fresh-cut, crispy fries made from Russet potatoes, and cheese curd, smothered with gravy. Bienvenue to Hungry Harry, Rainy River, Welcome! – Jack Elliott photo