High winds hit district, destroy buildings

Several properties were damaged and phone lines knocked out as high winds hit Emo and Manitou Rapids area.
The farm of Ralph and Jacquelyn Hunsperger, on Off Lake Road north of Emo suffered substantial damage as the winds ripped apart their barn and several sheds.
“My husband got up to have a shower and the power went off,” said Jacquelyn Hunsperger. “He came back to bed, heard a crack, and looked out the window and a row of spruce trees was going down like dominoes.”
The Hunsperger’s barn was leveled, two other sheds destroyed, a silo imploded, and a hay shed taken and carried across the road.
Trees were also knocked down and power was out throughout the area.
Although whether the high winds were caused by a tornado remains unconfirmed there was substantial damage reported at several other locations including Manitou Forest Products just west of Emo.