Group to look after rink

Chapple held its regular monthly council meeting last Tuesday (Jan. 8), with Bill Clink taking the oath of allegiance as reeve after longtime reeve Cecil Wilson announced his retirement.
Also on hand for the meeting were Couns. Peter Van Heyst, Rick Neilson, and Rilla Race, Road Supt. James Teeple, and Clerk Treasurer Doris Dyson.
Vaughan Wilson and several of his friends spoke to council concerning looking after the ice on the skating rink. As long as someone is responsible for the water hose, council had no objection to them looking after it.
Arrangements could be made for somewhere to store the hose and have it returned to the township in the spring.
Council also authorized Peter Landry to supervise the public skating rink within the village of Barwick, as he feels necessary.
Council last week also authorized a salary increase for Chief Building Official Frank Berg, effective Jan. 1, 2002.
Fort Frances OPP S/Sgt. Hugh Dennis also spoke to council concerning his annual report to district communities.
His primary message was to explain to council that as we are situated along the U.S. border, we should consider ourselves as the first line of defense in case of terrorist attacks. He asked that everyone remain observant and to give him a call at any time if they see anything of concern.
S/Sgt. Dennis also outlined the topics to be discussed at a consultation being held today (Jan. 16) between the OPP and district communities at the Emo Inn.
Meanwhile, Chapple Fire Chief Larry Hunsperger reported to council concerning mill inspections and the proposed methods being considered for a basic pay for volunteer firefighters.
He said he would have something drafted for the next meeting, adding there was a total of six fires in 2001.
He noted that if there someone was required to do community work, he would consider having the work done at the fire hall if supervision was available.
Jim Teeple presented his report to council, noting the crew primarily has been working around the shop. Other activities included replacing the steel in one of the tandems, arranging items for the storage shed, and stripping two gravel pits this past fall.
Clerk Treasurer Doris Dyson reported on information received from the Northwest Ontario Recycle Association. Council has decided to delay its decision until after the annual district municipal association meeting in Fort Frances on Jan. 26.
In other news, the groundwater study is progressing. The request for proposals is being drafted and should be completed shortly. These will be sent to various firms requesting their input by mid-February.
Council also discussed the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund and what type of projects that could be developed with the fund.
“We are to look at funding a portion of the OSTAR and SCTP applications, and a further proposal was to look at a sidewalk from the existing walk in the village to Highway 11,” council noted.
Also at last week’s meeting, Bylaw No. 1279—being a bylaw to confirm the appointments of several officers and employees of the municipality—was read three times and finally passed.
Finally, a letter was received from the Borderland Snowmachine Club concerning the relocation of the trail that comes out of Boundary Lake in Potts Township.
Council had no concerns.