County fair fun for the whole family

The Bowman, N.D. county fair has come and gone, and according to the fair board, there was so much to see, with a petting zoo, 4-H and open class exhibits, parade, demolition derby, free stage shows, carnival and rodeo–enough to keep everyone busy.
A fair is fun for the whole family and there are many friends you meet at these events that you would not see throughout the year. “It also is looking into the future, getting ideas for better competitions, and to give the public better amusements,” stated Roger Woodley, sales manager with The Connection–Jon’s Print Shop.
The connection assembles stories and pictures of the year before and puts it into print for the following year. “It is starting work on our year 2002’s County Fair now and steadily adding up the displays and entertainment beforehand,” said Woodley.
“For a small rural county fair, this is all that can be mustered. It takes everyone on the committee to accomplish their share working together, it has to be creative and crowd pleasing. Something new is always appearing, it has to draw the audience,” said Woodley.
With all the winners at the Bowman County Fair, there was one youngster happy with his entry in the parade. A carriage built for two, decorated and mobile, David Guba gave his smaller family member a ride–it was enough to catch the judges eyes for a prize–a brand new bike.
The county fair draws from a wide area, attracting people not only for the entertainment but for exhibitions in numerous categories.