Church hosts annual Valentine’s supper

The Emo Christian Reformed Church Y.P.S. hosted its annual Valentine’s supper at the fellowship hall last Thursday evening, with 34 couples in attendance.
Fantastic decorations enhanced the facility, including an archway of white and pink balloons that welcomed all the sweethearts.
Alicia Boven and Leah Veldhuisen greeted the guests at the door, with the latter taking each couple’s picture as a keepsake from the evening.
Bonnie Hunsperger was busy throughout the afternoon preparing the delicious chicken dinner with all the trimmings.
Each Y.P.S. member, immaculately dressed in white blouse/shirt and black slacks, had a table of six to look after, which they accomplished superbly.
Taped music supplied the entertainment during the dinner hour, with low lighting adding to the loving atmosphere that can be expected during a Valentine’s celebration.
It definitely was a happy mood that prevailed over the three-hour evening.
Readings were presented by Alyssa Kaemingh and Anna-Lise DeGroot, as well as a poem entitled, “Wishing Well.” Kaemingh also said Grace and the final prayer.
Veldhuisen, DeGroot, Kaemingh, and Jenna Kaemingh also helped out with the games played.
Meanwhile, Hunsperger was applauded for her excellent organizational system in the kitchen. Not quite agreeable to making an appearance to get this honour, she was physically carried into the fellowship hall.
She deserved this praise.
Among the couples on hand, two will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries this year—Adelia and Milt Guba (June 28) and Ann and Nick Veldhuisen (October).
The Veldhuisens can boost of around 58 grandchildren while the Gubas have 17, plus two great-grandchildren.