Chapple council discusses septic disposal site

At the Nov. 13 meeting of Chapple council, a delegate spoke concerning the possible lease or sale of part of the north half of Lot 6, Concession 4 in Mather Township.
It is to be established for a dumping facility for septic fields on that property.
The Ministry of the Environment has been contacted concerning the possibility of such a site. The MoE has inspected the area and approved of making an application, but it’s required either to lease or purchase the land from the township.
Bylaw 1277, authorizing the reeve and clerk/treasurer to enter into an agreement with Bill Romyn for the lease of two acres for the purpose of a disposal site for septic fields, was passed.
In other news, Coun. Peter VanHeyst attended a meeting in Emo concerning the catchment area of the Emo hospital. Chapple is part of the group that helps pay for the maintenance of an apartment for the locums and students who go there.
They are now charging $84 across the board per night, and would need roughly 60 days of use to pay the expenses.
Emo Reeve Russ Fortier spoke with Chapple municipal reps after the catchment meeting concerning the possibility of an Area Services Board (ASB).
There is a concern that if Rainy River District does not proceed that we could be included in the ASB that’s forming in Kenora District.
Chapple agreed in principle to the establishment of an ASB here as long as only the core services are considered.
Coun. VanHeyst also reported on a waste management tour he had taken to the Bio Mass plants in Michigan. The process he observed worked very well, but he felt it should be a project for the whole of the district.
He provided a video on recycling.
Meanwhile, Coun. Rilla Race attended a seminar in Fort Frances on the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response along with June Wheatley and Gladys Enns.
She felt this was a very important training tool that should be taken by anyone working at the evacuation centre.
Roads Superintendent Jim Teeple reported to council on the work being done in the township. The employees had attended a propane course held in Fort Frances.
Chapple council also resolved that $1,000 be advanced as seed money to the Rainy River District Disaster Relief Committee, and that it supported proposal “A” as presented by the Rainy River District Municipal Association for the selection of the Northwestern Health Unit appointee.
Council also approved the application of a local citizen requesting a change in assessment due to the tornado damage done to his barns, reduced it by $17,000.
Finally, Clerk/Treasurer Doris Dyson reminds everyone of the community Christmas supper (potluck) being planned for Friday, Dec. 7 at Chapple Rec Centre.
All are welcome to attend.