Bountiful harvest at DYS

Hard work paid off with a bountiful harvest at Donald Young School.
“We had plenty of everything in our garden,” said DYS teacher Charlene Gustafson. “Except the corn–the birds stripped them clean.”
Now it’s time to enjoy and appreciate all the work done last spring, she noted. In her classroom, Gustafson had the front part along the blackboard lined with pumpkins.
Although they are not too big, each DYS student will be able to have one for Hallowe’en or even Thanksgiving, whichever they preferred. There were more than 200 available.
“They may just yet be ready for Thanksgiving,” noted Gustafson, adding they’ll mature for Hallowe’en for sure.
“Remeber, though, that a little work now will keep that garden producing both fruit and flowers for as long as the season lets it,” added Gustafson.
And start thinking about next year’s garden now if you want to expand or improve what you’re doing. It’s never too early or late when you’re a gardener, she said.