Boundary Waters Forest Management Corp. sign fibre supply agreement with new cedar mill


A new mill has entered into an agreement with Boundary Waters Forest Management Corp. (BWFMC).

The Board of Directors for BWFMC. are pleased to announce that a Fibre Supply Business Agreement has been signed with Szeder Sunset Cedar Mill located on Queen Street in Barwick.

The last 24 months have seen a transformation of an abandoned peat processing facility into a integrated forest processing and manufacturing facility that utilizes cedar to manufacture cedar lumber, finished panelling, posts, timbers yard mulch and wood shavings for the pet and livestock industries.

The Fibre Agreement provides for a cedar commitment of 7,500 m 3 annually from the Boundary Waters Forest. The cedar will be supplied to the mill by numerous local forest harvesting contractors who currently work on the Boundary Waters Forest.

“The signing of this agreement reflects BWFMC’s commitment to a strong forest industry in the Rainy River district,” stated in a release from BWFMC.

In a presentation to Fort Frances council last month, BWFMC president Mike Willick noted that the cedar mill represents a small but significant niche element in the district, by transforming previously unused material into high-value products.