Bible school holds annual celebration

Every year it’s better and better, just like can be said of the fall fair. That remark reflects on the annual Vacation Bible School at the Christian Reformed Church.
“We had 115 children register for the week long SonCreek Junction event,” said co-ordinator Wilma (Wild Willie) Kooistra all geared up in her western style attire. Indeed genuinely every teacher, staff, volunteers and children wore western style dresswear to reflect on the adventure of living in God’s family.
The Sanctuary fellowship hall, as a matter of fact, the entire church, was transformed to resemble the wild west of the good old days when the produce was at a sensible price, the old cook stove worked, animals mingled with family members, but the gospel preached was the same as in the past. It never changes–only people do in their attitudes.
The co-ordinators, their helpers (volunteers in every department, along with the children), had accomplished a fantastic job during the week and at the grand finale, the SonCreek town social on Friday.
The Sanctuary was packed for the occasion and the remarks heard were, “this was something else.” After the program everyone was invited to refreshments in the fellowship hall which looked like a reproduction of a small rural area village with all the necessities in place.
The synopsis of the mini-musical setting is the night of the SonCreek town social. Lucy has her poem ready, Dusty Dan is all ready to play the fiddle, and even Jesie Findgold is gussied up for the big event. And all the young townfolk are just itchin’ to perform their toe-tappin’ songs. They’re set up to help Sam Whittleby tell you about some valuable golden nuggets they discovered in SonCreek–how to start up, listen up, open up, look up, and speak up to grow up in God’s family.
The cast of the musical included Sam Whittleby–Tyson Quibell. Jessie Findgold–Sarah Hettinga, Lucy Trippenfall–Alicia Boven, Junior Goodheart–Jake Esselink, Dusty Dan–David Barron, Narrator–Jolene Veldhuisen, The Stranger–Joel Veldhuisen and Tiffany Marinaro–Dorothy and Terry Quibell.
There were six scenes to the mini musical, song selections presented were: You Gotta Stand Up, How Big Can a Little Town Be, Everyone Who Believes, Doing What God Says to Do, Christ Accepts Us All, Call to Me, The Pony Express, Good News Square Dance and Spread the Good News.
During the week you could expect pop-up unexpectedly. The Petting Zoo supplied by The Funny Farm of Ken and Carol Inkster arrived along with baby chicks, a miniature horse, a llama, different breeds of goats, and riding horses. This was a favourite with the children–they all got a ride around the block. And then there was one lady who came with hens to give children a view of handling same.
After the conclusion of the program co-ordinators Hooistra and Cheryl (Sugar) Hellinga thanked the parents for letting their children come to week long program, and those who had prayed for the success of VBS, those who brought dainties during the week for snack time, and financial aid received.
A very big thank you to the following for donating their time and resources in a special way. Gagne’s Pharmacy/Safeway–donated 1 hr. developing; Manitou Lumber–donated wood for crafts; Kathy Stahn, Ken Desserre, and to those whose names did not appear, you were also appreciated. Hooistra said there were over a 1000 hours given to make this project a happy adventure for so many children who were excited and over enthused as they dedicated themselves in all they had done at the VBS.
“Volunteers helped with numerous odd jobs that included cutting out wood crafts, baking cookies, colouring posters, decorating, making displays, babysitting, petting zoo,” said Kooistra. There was Helen Cates, Ken Dessere and Kathy Stahn getting into the thick of things, we had loads of teens assisting in whatever was required.
VBS staff included: JK–Cora VanSmeerdyk, SK–Karen Kooman and Kathy Sinnighe, Grade 1–Kristine Kaemingh, Grade 2–Diane Veldhuisen, Grade 3–Carol Kaemingh, Grade 4–Jeannette Veldhuisen, Grade 5–Helen Cates, Grade 6–Grace Hettinga, Crafts–Lori Ann Shortreed, Yvone Veldhuisen, Cindy Kaemingh, Marlene Vlach. Music–Marie-Ann DeGroot, Geneva Veldhuisen, Bonnie Woolsey. Snack coordinators–Wilma Wielinga and other helpers.