Alberton votes to allow water service from Fort

Alberton council voted last week to allow the Town of Fort Frances to provide water service to residents of Alberton after some residents there had requested it.
Users would have to pay for the service.
In a recorded vote of 3-2, Alberton council decided to allow water service from Fort Frances. They were cautious about the possible cost to the township, but felt possible improvements to the business core couldn’t be ignored.
“I don’t normally vote to support only one or two people but it’s a start [in terms of] progress,” said Alberton Reeve John Milling. “I don’t think we should stop it.”
The water service is at the proposal stage right now and Alberton council is treading carefully—weighing the pros and cons.
“Do we view it as progressive?” asked Reeve Milling. “Access from Fort Frances would be advantageous for infrastructure improvements.”
Coun. Doug Mitchell suggested the public be given a chance to decide if they want the option or not. A public meeting is possible.
Meanwhile, Fort Frances won’t agree to supply the water unless billing is done through Alberton.
“I’m concerned it will cost the municipality down the road,” warned Coun. Wayne McKay.
Council’s resolution specified the township would not pay for upkeep on the water supply.