Dangerous policy

Dear editor:
I am directing this letter to all parents of school-aged children within the Town of Fort Frances. I am very concerned over the current school bus policy in place with our Rainy River District School Board.
As the policy stands now, any child who enters senior kindergarten and lives within 1.6 km of the school will be required to walk home. Then when the child enters grade one, that child is required to walk to and from school.
I believe 1.6 km is too far a distance for a young child to walk. As well, the policy does not take into consideration the route the child needs to walk. My child lives within the 1.6 km limit but will have to cross Scott Street (Highway 11) and Second Street East and then down to Huffman School.
In this area, we do not even have crossing guards to assist our children through these very busy streets. This is far too dangerous a route for a six-year-old to walk. I believe there is an exception to every rule or policy, and this should be a very definite exception.
I also have written a letter to the Education Finance Branch and the Rainy River District School Board in the hope they will review the current policy and make the necessary changes. We need to act on this situation now before a child is injured or killed.
I know I am not the only parent who feels the current policy is unacceptable.
I am circulating a petition and there is one set in the East End Confectionery for any parent or citizen who knows there needs to be a change to the current policy.
Thank you in advance for your support!
Rhondele Angus