Hello, my name is Carmon Sheppard. Most people in the district know me as “Dusty.”
I moved to Emo in 1965. I have been married for 48 years, and have two children and six grandchildren.
I started working for George Armstrong Co. in 1970 as a welder. Presently, I’m employed by George Armstrong Co. as a crane journeyman. I also spent many years self-employed at trucking and logging, and had a small construction company.
I live in Alysworth Township. The taxes this year went up considerably. The gravel road that I live on is something to be desired and I would like to do something about it.
I am sure the roads in the rest of the municipality are just as bad. The streets in the town of Emo also could stand many improvements.
I would like to do a feasibility study on the equipment the Emo municipality currently owns to see if they are being utilized to the fullest. I also would like to see a walking trail in the town completed.
As well, it would be nice to see the subdivisions in the municipality filled to capacity.
I am sure I could help the taxpayers of Emo in these areas. With your vote, I will.
Thank you, Carmon Sheppard.