Activities resume at Legion

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

The weekly “beer and burger” nights at the Emo Legion start up again this Friday (Sept. 7).
Come out and enjoy a beer and burger for $5. There’s also a menu of other food items to chose from.
And be sure to bring a group of friends or family!
Cribbage, Bingo, and carpet bowling also all resume this week at the Emo Legion.
Call the Legion (482-2250) for a full schedule of events there.
• • •
It was a weekend of weddings in our community.
Congratulations go out to Caitlin Rittau and Ethan Cameron, who were wed in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on Saturday afternoon.
The happy parents are Chris and Marilyn Rittau and Ron Cameron and Tammy Syrand.
Congratulations, as well, to Jaymie Penny and Donald (Kimbi) Copenace, whose beautiful wedding was enjoyed by family and friends.
Belated wedding congratulations to Warren Galusha and Kristi Batpie, who were wed July 28 in London, Ont.
His parents, Joeann Darrah and David Galusha, both attended the ceremony.
• • •
A reminder that Sunday church services have started up again at the Guthrie United beginning at 9:45 a.m.
• • •
Robin’s 2¢:
Husband: I swear I looked. We don’t have any ketchup.
Wife: Did you look on the second shelf to the right in the fridge?
Husband: Yes. It’s not there
Wife: Are you sure ? If I get up to look and find it. . . .
Husband: IT’S NOT THERE!
Wife opens the refrigerator door and pulls out ketchup.
Husband shouts: Where was it?
Wife: Second shelf to the right.
P.S. This also applies to kids and grandkids (at least mine anyway)!