Worth seeing

Dear sir:
Once again, I and several others attended what has become a regular 7 p.m. Friday session at the Salvation Army Citadel on the so-called Year 2000 bug.
The sessions stress preparing for possible “Y2K” emergencies. Those who are prepared will be less of a burden on any emergency efforts that may be organized to care for those who are unable to look after themselves.
A lady present showed us and discussed her 72-hour emergency supply–all in a backpack and a wheeled luggage bag–plus a tool and first aid kit. This is primarily an away-from-home kit.
At home, she is presently geared for a one-year emergency supply.
A one-hour video, shown on a TV on loan courtesy of Sight and Sound, then followed. It covered several segments of emergency supplies to consider and accumulate gradually to meet situations that may arise.
If such do not arise, then happily you can enjoy them at your leisure or pass them on to those in need.
The video will be re-run at the coming meeting this Friday (Jan. 22) at 7 p.m. It’s worth seeing!
Yours truly,
B.E. Seppala