Worth addressing

Dear editor:
While attending a funeral, I noted how people appealed to God as the final hope at the end of their days on Earth. I wondered if they appealed to Him prior to this.
This got me thinking about meaning and purpose to life. If, indeed, there is meaning or purpose, then there must be a right way to live it. If there is a right way, then there also must be a wrong way.
But is this standard for right/wrong beyond us or subjective opinion within us? If opinion of society, which society: Mother Teresa’s or Adolf Hitler’s?
Reflecting on the 20th century alone, following the loudest opinion can prove disastrous.
Logically, there must be an objective standard beyond ourselves that determines right from wrong in the lifestyles we choose to embrace. How many of us appeal to that standard and uphold it before the final hour of our brief time on Earth?
That’s something worth addressing while we still can.
Rob Barkley
Fort Frances, Ont.