Words of praise

Dear sir:
Just a few words of thanks and praise to the girls & guys who dedicate their time and professionalism to make other people’s days a success at the Branch #29 Emo Legion.
My wife and I had the honour of seeing our son get married March 2, 2002. Our son wanted a sit down supper for family and close friends, and a reception to follow.
The weeks before this date was turmoil wondering where would be the best place to hold it, who will do the cooking, who will get the liquor permit, who will clean up and so on.
My wife phoned the girls at the Emo Legion, they said “no problem just tell us what you want, we will deliver. We will look after everything,” the liquor licence, the cooking, they did it all.
The day before the wedding, family and friends went down to the hall and decorated it up a bit. It all seemed too easy. But when we got there and started our evening, I couldn’t believe the meal these people put on–it was one of the best I have seen and yet this for a very reasonable price per plate.
Besides all the above benefits, there is no charge for the hall if there is no damage. Now I don’t know about you but if you are having a big family function or whatever, I would suggest you call these people–they make you feel at home, and all we had to do was get dressed up.
When it came time to go home we asked what we had to do to clean up. They said just take what you want and we’ll clean up.
Now how’s that for a service second to none. My wife and I say thank you–couldn’t have done it better.
Gary Judson