Wonderful job

I just wanted to write a quick thank you to the two students who did such a wonderful job painting the windows of the BIA office (front of Rainy Lake Hotel).
Randi Caldwell and Tracy Treflin, both from Fort Frances High School, were willing to come on their own free time and create a terrific holiday scene in our window.
This is just one way they are completing their volunteer community hours that are required of them to graduate.
What a terrific program! Now the students start volunteering and meeting members of the community early on in their teen years. This teaches some community pride and could lead to a willing volunteer in the future.
Or possibly a reference, or even a job with some of the community members they’ve met.
Don’t overlook our young people when you need help—most are very anxious to get involved. And thanks again, Randi and Tracy. It was nice to see you.
Laurie Beadle, BIA
Business Co-ordinator