‘Wasted’ votes?

Dear sir:
On Monday I was summoned to my door by a man soliciting for Mr. Hampton.
As we chatted, a second man joined us and during the conversation, I was told that a vote cast for anyone other than the NDP was a waste.
Yesterday, as I watched the morning news, they showed clips of the candidates speaking. One clip showed Mr. Hampton stating that any vote not cast for the NDP is a wasted vote.
I always thought we lived in free, democratic society and every vote–even for a candidate that doesn’t win–is still important and not wasted because you have voiced your opinion.
As is your right as a citizen and a taxpayer of this country.
Later in the day, I watched a news program out of Toronto. It stated the PCs have 46 percent of the support, the Liberals 32 percent, and the NDP 14 percent in Ontario.
Mr. Hampton, it looks to me, by these numbers, that perhaps if you were to waste a vote, the NDP would be the way to go.
Perhaps the people of your riding should take a look at these numbers. Maybe if we elected a candidate from the reigning party, our voices would be heard in Toronto.
Mrs. Mary Wood