Very grateful

Dear sir:
In the early morning of last Saturday, a fire occurred at our residence which consumed our travel trailer and extensively damaged the garage and its contents.
The experience was horrifying for us but there is no doubt it would have been much worse if not for the competent actions of the Fort Frances Fire Department.
The members and volunteers responded quickly, and were on the scene within 10 minutes of the first 911 call. They quickly took control of the scene and with great composure secured the safety of the area and the surroundings, always courteously advising onlookers to stand clear and reassuring everyone that things were going to be okay.
They worked together to make sure the fire did not spread and were aware of what needed to be done.
Two guys entered the smoke-filled garage to retrieve our vehicles. Others watched carefully to make sure our second garage did not catch fire, and that the house was not endangered. One hosed the adjacent woodpile to ensure no spark started there.
The awareness of containing and extinguishing the fire quickly was uppermost for the team. Once the fire appeared to be out, there was thorough checking for hot spots and lingering embers.
Two firefighters stayed at the scene to make sure everything was okay, and other members were back to report and check early in the morning.
The follow-up was conducted courteously and sensitively. Since both of us were shocked by the event, we appreciated the calmness and concern which was shown to us.
My husband and I were very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the department. It is reassuring to know there is such a highly-trained and skilled group of dedicated men at the ready to respond to these unexpected emergencies.
That they work with such composure in dangerous conditions is a credit to the town and its citizens.
Many thanks to the 18 men who got up in the middle of the night to help us. We will not forget you.
We also would like to say thanks to the police for their efficiency in conducting the investigation, to the town crew who responded quickly to restore our power, and to the Shaw Cable service man who came out in the snow on Sunday morning to replace the damaged cable connection so my husband could enjoy the Grey Cup game!
Val and
Jim Martindale