Dear editor:
I write you today with a concern about the state of our main highway in Rainy River District.
The section between Rainy River and Barwick has not had the weeds along the sides cut. WMU #10 is well-known for having an overabundance of deer and with weeds seven feet tall along the roads, the potential for serious accidents rises sharply as the animals cannot be seen until the last moment.
I have reached out to Emcon, the contractor that is taking care of road maintenance for the MTO, through Facebook and was informed that their mower has broken and is awaiting repair.
I find it very odd that in an area with such a huge amount of farming that it would take two months to get parts for a common sickle mower.
Not to mention that all of the townships from Emo to Rainy River have completed their mowing long ago and have a mower now sitting idle, and there is probably 50 or more farms along that route that could easily do the job.
Two days would be acceptable, two weeks tolerable, but two months is completely an unacceptable amount of repair time. If Emcon cannot get the job done, MTO should have another contractor do the work.
With increased traffic in the area from the new mine, it has become an almost daily occurrence to see damaged vehicles or the remnants of a collision along the way.
We now are getting into the twilight hours for many to drive to work and this will increase the risk. It is imperative that this work get done A.S.A.P. for the safety of everyone who must travel this route.
Will this same uncaring attitude be carried on through the winter with snow and ice-clearing? I hope not but I am concerned it may.
Richard Trenchard
Rainy River, Ont.