Station memories sought

< B>Dear sir:
In many of our small towns, and even in our larger ones, the railway station was long the hub of activity. We went there to listen to news wire, to meet other townspeople, or to hang around waiting for the next train.
We greeted long-lost relatives, and said goodbye to those who were leaving. The station was our gateway to the outside; our economic lifeline.
Although the era has largely passed, it is one I hope to preserve by writing of it. If there is anyone among your readers with memories of their local railway station which they would like to share, I would very much welcome them.
Those can be memories of working in the station, growing up around it, humorous anecdotes, or memorable events (e.g. royal tours). Even photos would be welcomed (which will be returned within a week).
This way we can pass on to future generations the stories of an era which should never have ended. Feel free to write me at 40 Marilyn Cres., East York, Ont., M4B 3C6, or call 1-416-757-9798.
< B>Signed,
< B>Ron Brown