Spending at home

Dear editor:
I just want to get something off my chest regarding the current gas and diesel oil prices. And while I’m at it–a bit about “outshopping.”
I would like to make a point regarding the purchase of gas in the United States. If one is going that way for a reason–travelling or business–it certainly makes a lot of sense to get your fuel on the “other side.”
But, on a regular basis? Personally, I don’t think so (everyone is entitled to his or her opinion–right?)
I decided to do the math and prove it isn’t that much more expensive “at home.” For example, take an average 30-litre fill-up in Canada. At Monday’s 73.9¢/litre, that’s $22.17. Now, convert that 30 litres to U.S. gallons (equals 7.92) times Monday’s $1.549/U.S. gallon. That’s $12.27 U.S.
If you convert that to Canadian funds (Monday’s rate: 1.4277), you get $17.52 in Canadian funds. Add the two-way bridge toll of $1.20 (equals $18.72), and your equivalent 30-litre fill-up on the U.S. side saves you $3.45 Cdn.
You know what? For $3.45 a week, I’m going to drink a bit less coffee and keep spending my gas money in the country and the district where I earn it.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
Best regards,
Doug Hodge
Emo resident and
district worker