Shocking cruelty

Dear sir:
Earlier yesterday I had one of the most heart wrenching experiences I’ve had in a long time.
I went into the 364 Store on the way to work. The clerk came dashing out of the back of the store, obviously distracted, and advised me and another customer that some puppies had just been found in their dumpster. Some of them barely alive. A high school student had heard their crying as she walked by.
Joining the four or five people at the back of the store, I saw these poor, cold, beautiful little puppies. Of seven, one was dead and two were on the verge. I picked one of the worst up, and cuddled him next to me inside my jacket. His poor, cold body barely moved but there was a little life left in his body. He opened his mouth once or twice, and we thought we should offer them some water.
I dribbled a little in which seemed to offer the poor little creature some relief.
Over the next half-four, I continued to offer him some warm water, with a little baby cereal mixed in. Although I held him close all that time his poor little body never warmed much; through my sweatshirt I could still feel him cold against me.
The by-law control officers from the town came by and got these seven puppies. Four were very much alive, two grasping life by a thread, and one dead. I have little doubt that the poor creature that I held for that 45 minutes is likely dead but I hope that he died by euthanasia rather than from freezing and starving from lack of food and water.
I cannot imagine what would motivate a person to dispose of puppies in such a cruel manner. This is a prime example of why anti-cruelty laws exist to protect animals. These puppies were about three weeks old, and looked like a possible black lab/retriever/chesapeake cross, or something like that. I would assume that whoever did this still has the mother although they don’t deserve to have a pet in their home.
There was no way that these little guys were eating anything but their’s mom’s milk.
If anyone knows anything about this, or suspect anyone they’re acquainted with committing this heartless crime, I would urge you to do the right thing and call the town’s by-law department at 274-2854.
In closing, I would like to say the following. If you have a female dog, have her spayed. If you have a male dog, have him neutered. Prevent this kind of cruelty from happening by preventing unwanted dogs and cats from being born in the first place.
JoAnne Formanek Gustafson