Seeking Allan Cup photos

Dear Mr. Behan:
I am wondering if I could take advantage of your Letters to the Editor
column to seek the assistance of your readers.
I am in the process of writing a book about the exploits of the Fort Frances Canadians and their seven-year quest for the Allan Cup. In carrying out my research, I have poured over back copies of old newspapers, interviewed many of the players, and talked to fans who still have vivid memories of those exciting times.
I have clambered around dusty back storage rooms in the Memorial Arena searching for old Recreation Council minute books, and I have searched my own memory trying to make as complete a story as possible.
I am now nearing the end of my task. Much of the book has been written, and I am looking forward to taking the completed text to the printer some time in the next couple of months.
There is, however, one important job remaining and that is to complete my search for suitable photographs of the people, the places, and the events of that remarkable time in the history of Fort Frances. I am pleased to say that several of the players, as well as other individuals, have kindly offered a number of pictures for me to use but I would like to see if there are any others.
The purpose of this letter, Mr. Editor, is to ask for the help of your
readers in my search. If any of them have photographs of the old arena on Nelson Street, the “Whisky Specials,” the parades and celebrations honouring the team, or any other aspect of this marvelous story, I would like very much to hear from them.
They can call me (collect) at 1-204-725-1374, write to me
at 522 15th Street, Brandon, Man., R7A 4W3, or e-mail me at
The owners of the pictures that are used will be acknowledged in the book, and all pictures will be returned to the owners once they have been copied.
I certainly want to thank everyone who has helped me with this project to date and hope there are others out there who are able to assist me in this final phase.
Neil McQuarrie