Scrapping sex-ed bad idea

Dear editor,
I was dismayed when I read the news that Doug Ford will be scrapping Ontario’s new LGBTQ friendly sex-ed curriculum, during Pride Week, after already failing to show up for the Toronto Pride Parade.
If we had any doubts about Ford’s homophobia, let them be laid to rest.
The Ford government is taking away vital information from LGBTQ kids precisely when they need it most.
It is not the radical, leftist “indoctrination” platform Ford used to fear monger his way to PC Party leadership. It is, however, gay friendly.
I would hope our MPP would stand up to this draconian measure; however, I doubt he’ll even stand up and be counted among those attending Fort Frances’ first ever Pride march. The PCs never have been, and never will be, defenders of gay rights.
Dawson Mihichuk
1118 River Rd. W.
Fort Frances, ON
Editor’s note: MPP Greg Rickford did not appear in person at the Pride march here on Saturday, but did contribute a statement to Borderland Pride’s “Ally Open Mic” series which can be viewed on their Facebook page.