Priceless gift

Nancy Mapledoram-Councillor

Dear editor:
I have never been one to submit letters to editors, but [last week] something happened that changed my mind.
My husband and I took our son out to eat at Boston Pizza for his birthday as a way to celebrate. After we placed our order, my son opened up his gifts at the table.
Seated next to our table, in a booth, was a couple enjoying a meal of their own.
My family was enjoying our time together while we waited for our food when something unexpected happened. The couple in the booth was paying their tab when the wife came to stand near our table.
I turned to see if she needed something and she asked me very politely if she could give my son some money. I was surprised, but told her that she may.
She then leaned over and slid my son some across the table, saying, “Happy birthday to a nice boy.”
My son was so surprised and thanked her very much.
In a time where there seems to be so much wrong with the world, my husband and I were very touched to see that people are still capable of random and selfless acts of kindness.
We try to impress upon our son the importance of being kind to people, and this individual’s act of kindness only helped to reinforce that for him. For that, we will always be thankful.
For our son, the monetary amount was irrelevant. He was just happy to receive the gift.
And for my husband and me, the gift was much more than monetary. It was an indication that there is still much right with the world.
Nancy Mapledoram-Councillor