Misspent money

To the editor:
On Wednesday, Oct. 3, the CBC Ontario News reported the Auditor General of Ontario has accused the provincial government of paying a foreign firm $93 million in 2000 to halt welfare fraud.
This was not generally reported.
After some research, I found the firm was the Bermuda-based “Accenture Consulting.” This was previously Anderson Consulting, a U.S. company.
I also found our government had paid them $193.4 million since 1997.
I find it hard to believe that welfare fraud could amount to anything like that sum. In this case, the consulting was more expensive than any fraud.
As the consulting firm moved to Bermuda, that has bank disclosure laws similar to Switzerland, I wonder about the honesty of the operation.
The large sum of money could have assured all children had a breakfast before classes. That many of the homeless in our large cities have somewhere to stay.
Money spent on these projects would be of help to many people. As it is, a few foreigners got very rich and you wonder about some of the money returning to Canadian individuals.
Ron Helliar
Fort Frances, Ont.