Let’s be heard!

Dear sir:
I’m really too busy to have to deal with this right now but I can’t sit back and watch our education system go down the toilet. Now that John Snobelen is out of the picture, we can’t use him as a scapegoat any more but now we have to turn our attention to the real source of the problem, which is Premier Harris.
I’m sick of leadership that tells us what is good for us, or makes changes and doesn’t even ask; and I know it needs to be stopped now before it’s too late. The simple fact is that if the rights of teachers are taken away, Premier Harris could (this is an extreme example I know, and by the way no offence to the Spanish population) insist that Spanish be taught in the classroom and teachers and we, as parents, won’t be able to do a thing about it.
Any changes made to the education system would be dictated to us and without any choice. I know that’s not what I want. I want to do whatever it takes to keep some choices now. Give me a phone number or fax number (we don’t have time for the postal service) or let’s start a parents’ coalition. We need to be heard–and we need to be heard now!
As far as the child care money offered, I consider that blood money and I wouldn’t even think of taking advantage of their “good will” when their next step is to stab me in the back. I might have to pay for child care during this strike, and it won’t be easy for a lot of people but let’s just remember who the enemy is and band together, and help one another.
And if you think that the enemy is the teacher, think again. Granted there is always one bad apple in the barrel, and the envy of three months’ holidays in the summer (which really only adds up to under two months) is something some of us just can’t get over.
On the flip side, I can name a few individuals who get those holidays and more.
In closing, take away the teachers’ tools and they don’t stand a chance to fight for our children.
Cathy Richards