Incorrect information

Dear Mr. Editor:
It was with great disappointment that Atikokan Township council members read the negative comments written about Atikokan in the Nov. 14 edition of the Fort Frances Times by Harry Vandetti.
Harry is entitled to his opinion when he refers to our community as a “sad place.” However, there are thousands of us living here who would say the exact opposite by referring to Atikokan as the “greatest place” in the world to live.
However, when Harry states incorrect information about our community, we feel compelled to correct him. We don’t know where he came up with the figure of “50 homes being seized this year by the municipal tax collector for being in tax arrears” in Atikokan.
To set the record straight, there currently is one home and two businesses registered by the township. There could be four homes, three businesses, and three pieces of vacant property registered in late December of this year or early January of next year.
So, Harry, what is taking place in Atikokan is probably no different than other communities of similar population in Ontario—or even Canada.
Before making future negative comments about our community, we urge you to contact the right people so you will be given the right information.
As a journalist, we feel you should be doing that in every instance.
Yours truly,
Mayor Dennis Brown
and council of the
Township of Atikokan