History repeating

Dear sir:
Here we go again. Over twenty year ago, the town of Fort Frances faced the same problem which it is facing now–population decline and lost tourism.
One cause of this problem now is the same as it was back then. Once again a bandaid has been applied to something that requires major surgery, we have a new customs facility (is this the fourth or fifth one, I lost count).
It is rather a drab looking building, but if we were to add a couple of watch towers and searchlights, we would have our own penitentiary.
Big business and governments have been scratching each others back for years, our new customs facility is just another example of their complete lack of concern for the interests and opinions of the general public.
As long as Fort Frances and for that matter, International Falls, remain tied to mother’s apron strings, they will continue to be two small one horse towns on the border, that tourists will have to struggle through and put behind them on their way to their vacation destinations.
I might as well say this now because it looks like this same old stuff will happen again, and I might not be around to comment on it.
In regards to the reinventing of Fort Frances, people look for many things when they settle in a place to live and raise families. Two of those many things are transportation and schools.
Well, the town bus service was discontinued a few years ago, now we are closing schools. Good luck on the reinventing. As to the bus service we once had, in Sept. 2001, the provincial government announced a nine billion dollar plan to assist transit systems over the next ten years. For those that have them that is, such as Kenora, Dryden and Schreiber, but unfortunately not Fort Frances. Thank you for the space in your paper.
Ron MacGregor