Great support

Dear sir:
It started with the spirit of giving, a shoe box full of gifts, and $5 for shipping and you have changed the life of a child—at least for one Christmas.
Many thanks are extended to all in our community, and throughout the district, who participated in “Operation Christmas Child” this year.
Each year as this program comes to a close, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of so many who realize what a wonderful way to reach out to desperate children around the world.
To the children in our community who gave so generously to the program, be assured you made a difference. After all, this project is about children helping children.
Thank you once again to Mary Calder and her staff at Mary’s Little Lambs for allowing us to use her store as a drop-off centre. Many thanks also to the news media for getting the message out there. My phone kept ringing until the last day.
Because of the efforts of so many who care, the shoe box program continues to be a huge success in our community. Christmas blessings to everyone.
Marg Rousseau