Great service

Dear editor:
Last Wednesday, I went to Fort Frances to work on a pulpwood loader. While doing the necessary repairs, I broke off the bleeder valve. Any mechanic knows to replace it you need a special thread, which I did not have in stock.
I went to several places in town but no one had it. On my way home, I decided to stop at Pinewood Sports to ask them. The parts guy goes to look in the back. I take this time to look at the displays and when I return to the counter, the guy said he does not have one but to go to MacDonald Motors.
I told him I was skeptical since no one else had the part. But he told me that he already phoned MacDonald Motors and the parts guy there has it in his hand.
I go to MacDonald Motors and the guy at the parts desk hands it to me and says, “Is this what you are looking for?” I said, “Yes, how much do I owe you?” “That’s OK,” he replied, “it’s just a little bolt.”
This saved me a great deal of time and money. These two businesses went out of their way for me and I want to congratulate them on their good service.
Who says you can’t find good service in Fort Frances!
Gary Judson
Emo, Ont.