Good luck

Dear editor:
The Grade 10 literacy test once again is fast approaching and it is imperative that students, parents, and teachers brace themselves for this historic event.
As I stated in an October letter to the editor, this will be the first time in the history of Ontario that a high-stakes standardized test is used to deprive some of our children of a high school diploma.
As the District 5B president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, and as a teacher, I have many concerns regarding the nature and intent of this high-stakes standardized literacy test, and I believe it is important all educational stakeholders understand it will have repercussions on our students and our educational system.
I want to be clear this test has nothing to do with improving literacy but everything to do with partisan politics.
I believe this upcoming Grade 10 literacy test is seriously flawed but as our students are mandated to write, I hope they are successful. I want to say good luck to all the students who are being forced to endure this standardized test.
To the parents, I want to say to encourage your child to do his/her best, and for you to be critical of how the test is reported and manipulated.
Furthermore, be critical of the commitment the government makes to provide remedial help to your child if he/she is denied a high school diploma.
On behalf of the District 5B OSSTF teachers, I want students and parents to know we are committed to our classrooms and our students. We will continue to teach the curriculum, prepare our students for the future, and safeguard learning opportunities.
Good luck!
Ed Ojala, President,
OSSTF District 5B