Flemming letter

To the editor:
This letter is being read by the people of the Rainy River District after the municipal elections and our students are back in school…so back to TVOntario!
Finally, the announcement has been made that the Harris government will hold public consultations in Thunder Bay on Nov. 25. This two-hour meeting is meant to consult the whole of northwestern Ontario! They must know some magic! More to the point, though, I will be there!
Because of my volunteer advisory council position, I will have two opportunities to meet with the panel. They are, first hosting a dinner with my fellow councillors and myself, to learn what we “know” and hear what our communities have to say. Following this dinner at 7 p.m. they will open the doors of a meeting room at the Airlane Hotel to the general public.
We suspect that this public forum will not be widely advertised. But now all of you know!
Now for the action. To be your voice, I need your words. I cannot go to them and say “I hear on the street…or “a viewer called and said…” I need letters. Things I can quote and document with signed paper.
I have letters from mayors and reeves, from directors of education, school boards and other “administrations,” but I need more from TVOntario’s greatest stakeholders, the voters, the taxpayers the viewers! You! So, please, if anyone in your household values what TVOntario offers as a public broadcaster, write that note or letter. It can be as brief or as long as you desire. Let Mr. Sampson, minister without portfolio in charge of Privatization, know your feelings regarding TVOntario.
The only better alternative is for you to attend, and you are welcome. Let’s demonstrate that TVOntario is television that matters to us!
I remain, respectfully yours,
M. Susan L. Flemming