Dear sir:
I was disappointed once again by the obvious bias and/or ignorance your newspaper has yet again printed!
I am referring to your article on last week’s snocross in which you failed to mention the fourth local competitor, Peter Fuhrer. Peter lives in Pinewood, Ont. and to the best of my knowledge, that is part of the district therefore making him a local resident.
Incidentally, this was not only his first snocross race of the season but also his first snocross race ever!
Peter finished fifth in the Beginner 500 class, and was about to secure third position in the Beginner 600 class when a racing incident put him out of contention.
With a slightly damaged sled but mostly a bruised ego, Fuhrer took home his first snocross racing trophy.
I look forward to reading the Fort Frances Times weekly as it is the main source of news for the district. But you and your staff could pay more attention to the “home boys” that don’t call Fort Frances home.
Walter Fuhrer
Stratton, Ont.
Editor’s note: Our apologies for this oversight. Rest assured, it was not done deliberately.