Coverage lacking

Dear sir:
On Oct. 9, 1999, I was present at St. Mary’s Church for the ordination of my father, William Adair, and Bob Grynol into the Permanent Diaconate.
This was the culmination of almost five years of hard work and religious studies for both of these men and their wives.
I have been logging onto your web page since then looking for something about this event but I have seen nothing. According to my parents, there has been nothing in the paper at all.
This should have merited some mention in your paper. Even a small notice on the community page would have been nice. I know my father did not start this period in his life for the notice or glory but such an undertaking should be acknowledged in some way.
As their daughter, I am both proud and happy that my parents have accomplished this, and they will be able to serve the church and their community in a way that will benefit them all.
Merry-Sue Adair-Gill
Editor’s note: The Times was not informed about this event, nor was any write-up submitted by St. Mary’s Church.