“Sparking an interest in fire safety early on in a child’s life can lead to a life-long appreciation for fire safety, and how it affects our daily lives!”
The S.A.F.E. Baby (Smoke Alarm For Every Baby) program is one that’s in its third year in Rainy River District. The program is a reality made possible and funded by Gillons’ Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Holmlund Financial.
They have been involved with the program for the last two years.
The Rainy River District Mutual Fire Aid Association also supports this program, and the nurses in Fort Frances, and Atikokan distribute these life-saving gifts.
Last week in Toronto, individuals and organizations from across Ontario were honoured at the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council Fire Safety Awards. The awards recognize outstanding contributions to fire safety in this province.
Gillons’ Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Holmlund Financial were among the recipients of these awards!
As co-ordinator of the S.A.F.E. Baby program here, it is an honour to work together with these two generous and caring organizations. Undoubtedly, Gillons’ Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Holmlund Financial believe in fire safety and the importance of working smoke alarms.
Along with all the other fire departments, we can work together in making Rainy River District a place where no one is hurt by fire!
Congratulations my friends!
Tyler Moffitt
Fort Frances, Ont.