Condo concerns

Dear Sir:
I have a couple of concerns with the proposed condominium project on Front Street.
Living next to the proposed project, my first concern is the sewer system. Several homes in this area have had flooded basements twice in the last few years. If the existing lines can’t handle the housing now, how will it handle another 36 housing units?
Are our taxes going to pay to update the sewer system in this area?
My next concern is the taxpayers’ money. Although the town says this is not costing them anything, it is my understanding that the town has indeed purchased some of the property on Front Street for this project.
By doing so, it is not only losing the interest on that money but also losing tax dollars that would have been paid on that property.
Also, who is paying for the colourful pamphlets, the consultants that have been coming down here, the blueprints that are being drawn up, and all the advertisement that is being done?
It is my feeling that the town should not be involved and our tax dollars should not be used for private projects such as this.
Peter York