Certainly not forgotten

Dear sir:
I really appreciated the piece in the newspaper by Harry Vandetti entitled “They’re gone, but not forgotten” (F.F. Times, March 6/02).
Several years ago, you ran a piece about me in regard to a show that I had produced re: “The Ed Sullivan Show Reunion” starring Carroll Burnett. You even ran a photo.
I would like to thank Mr. Vandetti for not forgetting my grandfather, who was in his own right one of the most honest individuals I have ever known. Many of the attributes he summates about Alex Lerman I feel
also closely reflect my life and way of thinking.
This last summer, I produced a television show entitled the “The Surreal Gourmet,” which runs on the Food Network. I understand for almost 10 weeks, it ran in the top 10 cable shows in all Canada.
Fort Frances definitely is on the map here in Beverly Hills, and I have in development with a major studio to shoot a feature film in Fort Frances showing the simple, true, and honest way of life of the people of Fort Frances which, as your writer captures and writes, has a lot to do with some of its founding fathers like Alex Lerman.
Thank you, again, for remembering Alex and his brother, Dave Lerman.
Steven Pollock
Beverly Hills, CA