Canadian friendship

Dear sir:
Hello to my friends in Canada, and particularly Fort Frances.
On Sept. 14, my wife and I, after a week in the Canadian wilderness, were returning home to the Milwaukee, Wis. area. We encountered a long delay at the border, and were feeling frustated and somewhat testy at the prospect of a several-hour wait.
As I said, we had been isolated from most of the news of the tragedy that had taken place during the week and only had a very fundamental understanding about what was happening.
As we sat in our car waiting, we began to notice the U.S. flags and other supportive banners that were being displayed on houses and all over the town. Next, some children and teenagers came by offering free water and lemonade to us.
We began to feel chastised for our impatience and selfish thoughts as we became the subjects of your town’s sympathy and understanding. We have always loved our annual visits to your beautiful country but perhaps had never understood your people as well as we might have.
We thank you with all our hearts for your caring when things looked so bleak. We are looking with great anticipation to our visit next year. God bless you all.
Your friends,
Ed and Carol Anderson
Cudahy, Wis.