Be thankful

Dear sir:
Being fortunate to have had good health, other than a few accidental injuries, I never gave a lot of thought to our local health care. Like most of us, I took it for granted.
I began 2002 spending two weeks in the hospital, with little recall of my first week there. And I believe it was very possible I would not have seen my grandchildren grow up, or got to enjoy retirement, if it wasn’t for the care I received at Riverside Health Care Facilities.
I’ll start at emergency, where the nurses first started taking care of me. They worked with Dr. Brain, who realized there was a serious problem and alerted Dr. Anderson who, in turn, examined me and decided to operate immediately.
Dr. Johnstone came in to administer the anesthesia and assist, along with the OR nurses (Sis & Rose). These people all came in on a Saturday at 10 p.m., giving up their evenings with family and friends, as I know they do quite often.
These are dedicated caregivers who frequently give up the freedom of their lives to save others.
The nurses of St. Andrew’s were second to none. Their extra care, compassion, patience, and concern are just some reasons of why they should be proud to be called nurses.
We should consider ourselves lucky to have the fine doctors like Dr. Anderson, Dr. Johnstone, and Dr. Spencer, who spent two weeks continually checking my progress. They truly are our finest.
And finally, I cannot leave the housekeeping and cook staff unmentioned. The way these staff members keep our hospital clean, and the food prepared, is exceptional. The housekeeping always went the extra mile to greet me and wish me well.
Fort Frances (and surrounding area), be thankful for the health care we have here. Sleep well at night knowing that if you or your family become ill, these people are dedicated to making you well again.
We should be proud. Thanks for your commitment and dedication Riverside Health Care Facilities staff!
Dwayne Pihulak
RR#1, RMB 280
Fort Frances, Ont.