Bay Street attitude

To the editor:
Early last week, I had the opportunity to attend the PC party leadership debate in Thunder Bay and get an impression of the five candidates vying for the premier’s seat vacated this past fall by Mike Harris.
During one of the many exchanges in the debate, I was appalled to hear Ernie Eves criticize fellow candidate Jim Flaherty on the creation of a new, more powerful ministry for the north.
Ernie’s comments make it clear that he hasn’t spent enough time up north listening to the concerns of true northerners. Come to think of it, before this leadership race, I can’t remember ever seeing Mr. Eves travel west of Thunder Bay since the Tories were elected in 1995.
If Eves took the time to listen to us and create some meaningful policy, perhaps there would be some credibility to his comments. If he did take the time to listen, he would hear that we want a stronger voice at the Cabinet table with the power to solve issues on all resource-based development.
As a consultant for the forestry and aboriginal communities in the north, I’m supporting Jim Flaherty because he is the first, and at this point the only, candidate that has listened to northerners and developed a substantial northern framework with clear policies to provide for significant economic development.
Eves claims to be from the north, but it’s clear to me that his attitudes come from Bay Street.
Craig Nuttall
Dryden, Ont.