Unsightly lines

With the development of new Canada Customs and Immigration facility, the Town of Fort Frances has a wonderful opportunity to make the south entrance to town even more attractive. Placing the hydro lines underground along the 100 and 200 blocks of Church Street would be a good start.
Simply moving the lines from the south side of the street to the north, albeit perhaps the most economical solution, is not enhancing the community. It only extends the feeling of being in the middle of an industrial complex.
The Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce, BIA, the local Business Women’s Network, and the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship have endeavoured to brighten up the entrances and town with flags, banners, and flowers.
In the interests of making the south entrance to Fort Frances more attractive, taxpayers and Abitibi-Consolidated are spending millions for new Custom facilities. Sewers are being moved, roads closed, and new roads and sidewalks are being constructed. New facilities will be built and architectural drawings show they will be attractive.
All of this is good for our community.
However, we would suggest to the mayor and council that they should take a walk down Church Street toward the bridge and rethink the hydro lines. A few more dollars spent in hiding some of our infrastructure will go a long way to improving the look of our town to visitors coming to Fort Frances–and Canada–from the United States.