Campaign hooey

Amazing, isn’t it, just what a politician will do, say, or promise in their desperate quest for your vote—whether it’s during a general election, or a leadership campaign like the Ontario P.C. party is going through these days.
Most, if not all, of the five candidates vying to succeed Mike Harris as premier of our great province have bent over backwards during campaign swings through this northern wasteland in support of re-examining the decision to axe the spring bear hunt three years ago as well as for having a separate northern medical school in Thunder Bay.
Isn’t that nice.
Where were Ernie Eves, Jim Flaherty, Chris Stockwell, and Elizabeth Witmer, all Cabinet ministers in the Mike Harris government, when the decision was made to axe the spring bear hunt in the first place? Did they sit around the table back then saying, “Geez, does the scientific evidence support this move?” or “Gosh, have we thought about all the ramifications this decision might have?”
Don’t bet the farm.
Similarly, you can’t blame Thunder Bay—and other Northwestern Ontario residents—for wondering where this sudden support for a separate northern medical school there was when the decision to split it between Lakehead U and Laurentian in Sudbury was made?
So how can times—and tunes—change so quickly? Just chalk it up to good ol’ campaign rhetoric (read bull) to win votes up here—not only among party members for their leadership bids, but also among the general public for when the next provincial election is called.
Better late than never? Sure. But their new-found pledges ring so very hollow given their past stances on these, and other, issues. Do they truly believe we’ve all forgotten, or overlooked, where they stood before? Just how naive do these people think we are?
And they wonder why voters have lost faith in government and the political process?