A big step forward

The local campus of Confederation College has scored another coup with the formal announcement Saturday that it and colleges in Minnesota will be able to share courses via videoconferencing starting this fall.
Better still, all Confederation College campuses already linked by Contact North also can access the network thanks to the groundwork laid through the diligence and forward-thinking of those involved here.
This is a perfect example of the benefits cross-border co-operation can bring to the Borderland area—in this case, helping students improve their educational opportunities.
Equally important, given the census numbers released last week, it is an excellent tool in the fight to help stem the population drain communities on both sides of the border are experiencing—particularly the exodus of our young people.
Sure, it won’t solve the problem outright given young people still need to find jobs after graduation, but allowing students to pursue their education close to home means they’re more likely to stay and look for work here than if they moved away right after high school.
It’s also yet another asset our community can showcase in the effort to attract new families here.
With its new, state-of-the-art campus, coupled with efforts to launch a so-called “practice firm” here (the only one between Ottawa and British Columbia) to help residents improve their job skills, the local college campus is taking a leadership role in putting our community on the map.
This latest venture is a crowning achievement of that vision, and deserves our whole-hearted congratulations on a job well done.